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At Maitland High School we offer an extensive range of support for our students and their families.

  • Wellbeing Centre
  • Breakfast Club
  • peer mediation
  • peer support
  • boys' and girls' Advisers 
  • student Year Advisers
  • vaccination program
  • Counsellors and Senior Psychologist
  • Student Support Officer
  • Anti-Bullying programs
  • Work collaboratively with external agencies supporting our for students and families.

Meet our Team



Head Teacher Wellbeing for students in Years 8, 9 and 10 - Mrs Megan Elliott





Head Teacher Wellbeing for students in Years 7, 9 and 11 - Mrs Sarah Gambrill





Student Support Officer, all year groups - Ms Amanda Morgan

Our Wellbeing Team also has 3 school counsellors.

Dorota Naszka is available Monday and Friday. 
Stephen Watts is available Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Lyn Osborne is available Thursday. 


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The Virtual Wellbeing Centre – whilst students are working from home during this current health climate, we have created a Wellbeing Page on Canvas for all students to access. This page outlines how you can access support through school and external agencies. We also have some tips on managing ‘self-care’ and looking after your wellbeing during this time. We will be using the platform to stay connected with our students during this time of isolation. 

The Head Teacher Wellbeing, School Counsellor and Student Support Officer are all located in the Wellbeing Centre (upstairs near the music rooms). Students are encouraged to visit during break times to seek support as required.
A self-referral locked letterbox is attached to the counsellor’s door to request an appointment if the counsellor is not in the office or is seeing another student.

Year 7 activities equipment can also be collected from here at the beginning of break times. 

Student Support Officer

We are very fortunate to have a full time Student Support Officer, Amanda Morgan, at our school. Amanda works within the school community alongside the Wellbeing, Learning and Support Teams and our School Counselling service to enhance student wellbeing and learning outcomes.

She has a pivotal role in working collaboratively with external child and family support agencies and other government agencies in their support of our students.

Breakfast club

Located at Kitchen 1 outside the year 7 quad, breakfast club operates 5 days a week from 8:30am to 8:50am. Supervised by volunteer teachers, breakfast club is operated by our students and includes toast with toppings, Milo and juice - all at no cost to students. It's not only a place to get energised for school but also to socialise with friends.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come along.

Boys' and Girls' Advisors

At Maitland High School we have one male and one female teacher acting as boys and girls advisors.

  • Girls Adviser -  Miss Hannah Rose, English staffroom 
  • Boys Adviser - Mr John Dobija, PDHPE staffroom

Student Year Advisors

  • Year 7 - Mrs Stephanie Tedd, Science staffroom 
  • Year 8 – Mr Robert Walker, Science staffroom
  • Year 9 – Mr Josh Noble, Computer staffroom
  • Year 10 – Mr James Keith, TAS staffroom
  • Year 11 – Mrs Stephanie Primrose, PDHPE Staffroom
  • Year 12 – Mr Jake Fletcher, PDHPE Staffroom and Miss India Bos, English staffroom

Vaccination program

Students can be vaccinated in line with the NSW Health schedule. 

Visit our parent/carer information letter (PDF 44KB)

The NSW Goverment has recently made changes to the Vaccination Schedule for school students. 

Students in Year 10 are now being offered vaccinations for Meningococcal disease. 

For more information, visit the vaccination changes (PDF 98KB) from the department.



What is bullying?

Bullying and harrassment occur when people use and abuse power to trouble, annoy or oppress a person. Students should report bullying to the teacher who is supervising them.  That is, their classroom teacher at the time or the teacher on playground duty.

Stopping bullying starts with you!

  • treat everyone with respect
  • know that "put-downs" hurt others
  • help others who are being bullied.

If someone tries to bully you:

  • ignore them if possible
  • if you can, look them in the eye, tell them to "stop" and then walk away
  • ask for support from an adult.

If you have been bullied:

  • talk to an adult (parent, teacher) who can help you to stop the bullying
  • let your friends know what is happening
  • go  to places where you feel safe
  • keep on asking for support until the bullying is stopped.

For more information on what Maitland High School does to prevent and respond to bullying, read our anti-bullying procedure.

More information on bullying is available on the 'Schools A to Z' website.

Other links for parents and students on bullying:

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