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Get to know our school staff. We're all here to help.

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Who's Who?


Senior Executive

Ms Paula Graham, Principal:

Ms Melissa Schatz, Deputy Principal Yrs 8 & 10:

Mr Andrew McKay, Deputy Principal Yrs 7 & 11:

Mrs Nicole Thompson, Deputy Principal Yrs 9 & 12

Ms Genevieve Henry, Deputy Principal Inclusion & Support:



Ms Sara-Jane Bissett (Rel. HT English):

Miss Stacey Diessel (HT Senior Studies):

Ms Brooke Wakeman (HT Teaching and Learning):

Ms Lisa Beer:

Miss Alana Malone:

Ms Sinead Martin:

Ms Hannah Rose:

Ms Katherine Royle:



Matt Rogers (HT Maths):

Mrs Sally Davies:

Emerson Augey:

Bianca Hasthanayake:

Thomas Winstone:

Ms Zoe Hudson:

Mr Mitchell Summerville:

Mr Mark Battese:



Mr Scott Parrey (HT Science):

Ms Heather Bale:

Ms Kerrie Merrick:

Ms Stephanie Tedd (Year 9 Advisor):

Mr Robert Walker (Year 10 Advisor):

Mr Kieran Hacobian:

Mr Alex Morrison:

Isabella Devetak:

Danielle Ross:


HSIE - Human Society and Its Environment

Mrs Michelle Matthews (HT HSIE):

Mr Ryan Ewing: ryan.ewing2@det,

Mrs Kirstyn Taylor (Yr 8 Advisor):

Mrs Kylie Young:

Mr Joshua Bell-Herring:

Miss Chrystal Meinhardt:


CAPA - Creative and Performing Arts

Miss Brittany Benton (HT CAPA):

Ms Leanne Cox - Visual Arts Teacher:

Mrs Clare Jordan-Wills - Visual Arts Teacher:

Mr Luke Hyatt - Music Teacher:

Mr Christopher Long - Music Teacher:

Ms Ashlea Ross - Drama Teacher:

Ms Yvonne Ryan - Visual Arts:

Miss Grace Limond:


PDHPE - Personal Development, Health & Physical Education

Mr John Lawson (HT PDHPE):

Mr Nicholas Bower (Sports Organiser):

Mr John Dobija (Boys Advisor):

Mr Jake Fletcher (Year 7 Advisor):

Miss Kirsty Jedrzejak:

Mr Paul Jones:

Mr Luke Stawski (Sports Organiser):


TAS - Technical & Applied Sciences

Mrs Donna Howarth (HT TAS):

Ms Sharon Bourne:

Mr Jamie Bryson:

Miss Hannah Creighton:

Mrs Lindy Hall:

Mr James Keith (Year 12 Advisor):

Mr Andrew Kelly:

Mr David Palmer:

Ms Rebecca Peak



Mrs Donna Chapman-Hardy (HT Administration)

Mr Josh Noble (Year 10 Advisor):

Mr Grant Lindner:


Specialist Support Unit

Mrs Jayne Cameron (HT SSU):

Mr Chris Cameron:

Mrs Kylie Everson:

Mrs Jacquelyn Lindsay:

Mrs Renee Lockwood:

Ms Christina Szerenga:

Miss Tayla Whittaker:

Mrs Kerin Joyce:

Mr Evan Palmer:


Learning Support

Mr Nick Fintan:

Ms Omra Wells:


Careers and Transition

Ms Deborah McCrohon - Careers Community Partnerships Officer:

Nadine Goring - Careers Advisor:



Mr Ben turner:

Mrs Lynne Glascott:


Aboriginal Support

Ms Chantal Tanna - Aboriginal Community Partnerships Officer:

Miss Lauren Gulliver:



Miss Stephanie Ryan (Year 12 Advisor):

Mrs Sarah Gambrill (HT Wellbeing and Dance Coordinator):

Mrs Amanda Morgan: