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What we offer

Each school in NSW offers something slightly different depending on the community. Here's what we offer for you.


When students wear a school uniform, they feel included in our school community.

Students, teachers, parents and carers, as well as members of our local community helped develop our school uniform to make sure it:

  • meets the requirements of occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation

  • includes items that are affordable, comfortable and made from easy-care and easy-wear fabrics

  • is appropriate for the full range of school activities

  • is suitable for all body shapes.

Learn more about the NSW Department of Education’s School Uniform Policy.

Visit our uniform page for information on the opening hours and pricelist. 

Hiring our facilities

You may apply to use our school’s facilities for appropriate purposes provided your hiring of the facility doesn't interfere with our teaching and learning programs.

We assess each application on a case-by-case basis. Find out more at Using school facilities.

If you’re interested in hiring our facilities, contact us for details.

Representative Sports

Many MHS students proudly represent the school in a variety of sports. 

If you wish to try out in 2018, you need to follow the process. More information is on our "How to Apply to Attend a Hunter Region Trial".

The try-out timetable is on our "2018 Hunter Sports Trials" page. 

See Mr Bower in PDHPE for more information.

Talented Sports Program

The Maitland High School Talented Sports Program is aimed at improving the fitness and sporting performance of our top athletes. Expert teachers who have performed at high levels in a range of individual and team sports deliver the program to selected students.

Our school Fitness Lab enables sessions and workshops to be run on site and we also engage outside agencies to provide our TSP students with a range of experiences to suit their sporting ambitions. 

Private Music Lessons

A guitar

We have talented, local music teachers coming in to school weekly to teach singing, guitar and drums. 

If you would like more information, or to enrol, then download our Parent Letter and Form (DOCX 472KB)

If you'd like to contact the school, please email Chris Long at

Minecraft Club

Teacher running this group:

Mr Josh Noble

At Maitland High School we have our own Minecraft server which is run and maintained by students during lunch times. Minecraft is a fantastic tool for students to explore creative solutions to various problems. You can view our latest Minecraft project (PDF 256KB) to view the Maitland High School built in Minecraft. A great tool for anyone new to the school or just those that want to have a wander. All you need in Minecraft installed on your PC. It's a great example of how Minecraft can solve a problem, in this case anxiety about coming to a big school and getting lost.

We have many more projects starting up in Minecraft. These projects are the ideas of students for students some of which will eventually end up in the classroom as an engaging way to learn content. If you enjoy Minecraft then come along and join the Minecraft club at Maitland High School.

Who can be involved?

Students from all years. 

How do you join? 

To join the club students need to see Mr Eaton in the computer staffroom located above the canteen. New projects are starting every term with Minecraft as interest grows.

When? all year

The Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero

Teacher running this group:

Computing Faculty

This competition is for female students only. It's an international competition where female students get together in small groups to develope their very own app to solve a community probelm. In 2016 Maitland High School entered 6 teams from years 7 to 11. The students, with the support of their mentors (which include lecturers from the University of Newcastle) develop an app, a business plan and market their idea over a 12 week period meeting twice a week before school. No programming experience is required and students learn valuable communication, group and entrepreneurial skills. Look out for the great work our teams produce. 

View the write up that the Maitland Mercury wrote about our class as the girls launched their projects at the Newcastle University.

Grok Python Challenge

Teacher running this group:

Computing Department

This competition runs over 5 weeks and is open to all students at Maitland High School. No programming experience is required. Students are taught the fundamental skills of the programming language Python widely used throughout the world. More and more industries are relying on computers and Australia, according to recent studies is falling behind other nations in our region when it comes to teaching students how to code. This is a great opportunity for students to dip their toes into programming with support of teachers, other students and tutors from the University of NSW.

Who can be involved? Anyone. See computer staffroom.

How do you join? This will be advertised on the Website / Facebook page / roll call notice / school app and computer faculty notice board. This is an annual event at Maitland High School. The cost of this competition is $20 and begins Ausgust 1st.

Bebras Challenge

Teacher running this group: 

Mr Josh Noble

This is a national competition run annually. Each year Maitland High School submit students into this event in the form of small teams. The competition is open to all students from 7 to 12 and involves an hour of class time to complete the challenge. This competition focuses on computational thinking and is worthwhile for all students in this technological age.

Who can be involved? 


How do you join?

Look out for information concerning this competition in early August. The competition is run in early September. There is no cost to participate in this competition.