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Year 7 2025

Your Transition to High School

Moving into year 7 can be an exciting time in a student's education. New friends, new teachers, a larger school, and more subject choices are just a few of the changes. It can be a daunting time for some students.

It is important that students find their feet quickly when attending high school, making new friends, settling into class and a routine helps alleviate any anxiety that students may feel when starting.

We have a great transition program to help you get prepared, make connections, build confidence, and get off to a great start at Maitland High School.

‘Launching into MHS’ – Term 3 – Date to be Advised

“Launching into MHS’ is a transition day designed as an introduction to the high school environment. Students will participate in several fun activities to help make connections and get familiar with Maitland High School. There will be team-based games, ‘get to know you’ activities and fun movement-based activities, as well as a Q&A forum where students can get all their questions about high school answered.  

Jump Start – Tuesdays, Weeks 4-5 of Term 4

Jump Start at MHS is an extensive transition program for students who require extra support when transitioning to High School. The program is divided into two groups and focuses on school routines, daily organisation, and support systems in the school. This program allows students to familiarise themselves with staff, Peer Support students and support staff such as Year Advisor, Student Support Officer, Learning and Support Teachers, Deputies and Head Teacher Wellbeing. Students can only be nominated by their Primary School Teacher for participation in this program. Parents are asked to provide transportation to and from Maitland High School on Jumpstart days.

Year 7 2025 Orientation Day – Date to be advised

Orientation Day gets you ready for day 1 of Year 7. You will meet your teachers, learn to navigate your way around the school, experience high school learning, receive your student handbook and find out what to expect in your first few weeks of high school.

Year 7 COMMENCES - Date to be Advised

High Potential & Gifted Education (HPGE) - High Achiever's Program

Interested in applying for our HPGE program for 2025? Visit our HPGE program page for information and application details. 

Register your interest via the link: Expression of Interest MHS HPGE 2025 (

Key Transition Dates


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we buy the uniforms, or do you give us uniforms?

Please see the uniform page of our website for more details. (hyperlink to uniform page: )


How many people are there going to be?

We usually have between 150 and 200 students in Year 7.  Across our school there are approximately 1000 students.


How many students per class?

Approximately 25-30 students in our mainstream classes.


Is the homework hard and if it is may I have a little extra support on some subjects?

Our teachers work hard to get to know all their students so they can tailor the work (including homework) to where you are at in your learning.

If you are struggling or have concerns about any aspect of your schoolwork (including homework) we encourage you to talk to your teachers about your concerns as soon as you can. Tell them what you find challenging and what support you need.

Our school also has a Learning and Wellbeing team who are available to support students who are experiencing learning or wellbeing difficulties. Your family can discuss with your teachers if they think you need this additional support.


On our first day do you show us our classes and teachers?

We commence our school year with Year 7 starting before all other year groups, to allow you to become more familiar with the school and meet the staff and your new peers before all the other students start back for the year.

To help everyone get off to a great start, during the first two weeks of the school year, our teachers meet Year 7 in the Year 7 quad before each lesson and walk them to their classroom. They are then walked back to the Year 7 quad with their teacher, ready to meet their teacher for their next lesson.

On day 1, please meet in the MPC hall at 9:00am so we can welcome you, mark the rolls and get you ready for your first day at high school.


How many classes will we attend in a day?

There will be 5 classes in a day.


Can we pick one friend to be in our class?

The Transition team at Maitland High School work really hard to make sure your classes provide opportunities for old and new friendships to develop. We liaise closely with your Year 6 teachers to decide on the best class placements for all students.  


Do Year 7 get to participate in athletics and swimming carnivals?

Yes! Year 7 are encouraged to participate in our athletics, swimming and cross-country carnivals.


How long is each period and what times do we get breaks?

Lessons are approximately 60 minutes in length.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we have a 40-minute break at 11:10 am and a 20-minute break at 1:50 pm.

On Wednesday, this changes as we have assembly and sport. We have a 20-minute break at 10:30 am and a 40-minute break at 12:50 pm.


What sports teams are available to try out for?

There are loads of different opportunities if you enjoy sport. You can try out for our rugby league, soccer, netball (girls), basketball, cricket (boys), touch, dance and more. Year 7 also participates in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country Days.


Will Year 7 go on a school camp or excursion?

Yes! Our year 7 students will go to the Great Aussie Bush Camp during term 2.

More information will be provided to you at the Parent Information Evening in term 4.


How many different teachers will I have in Year 7?

We are still working on the timetabling, but most Year 7 students will have around 5 core teachers (1 teacher for English, HSIE, Maths, PDHPE and Science). You will also have different teachers for Mandatory Technology and Applied Science (TAS), Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) and Japanese.


Where do I go if I need help?

Your first stop is likely to be your class teacher and then your Year Advisor, Head Teacher Wellbeing or Year 7 Deputy Principal. We have a tight support network and encourage you to call us early if you are troubled about anything!


What subjects will we have to do?

In Year 7 (stage 4) you will study Mathematics, Science, PDHPE, Japanese, Human Society and its Environment (History and Geography), Creative and Performing Arts (Music and Visual Arts), and Technology and Applied Science (TAS). In addition, Year 7 will participate in integrated Sports lessons throughout the week.


When will we be able to look at what teachers we will have next year for 2025?

You will receive your timetable and find out your teachers for next year on your first day of Year 7. 


What language are we going to learn in Year 7?


All Year 7 students will study Japanese.